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Is Star Wars A Modern Day Fairytale

is Star Wars A Modern Day Fairytale

evil and hatred could do in the long run. Therefore, the movie format of Star Wars is merely an adaptation of the old story telling ways associated with fairy tales; it is a way for a modern-day fairy tale to be presented to the children of today. Luke Skywalker, the young boy who appeals to every young child as a hero, helps the kids morals from being a bratty old kid by growing into a fine young man in Return of the Jedi. He is someone the kids are afraid of and for good reason. Maybe this is because of the modern appeal it brings.

At first thought, it is difficult to acknowledge Star Wars as a fairy tale because of its label as a Science Fiction movie. Her kisses with young Skywalker and Solo are pretty arousing for a young child. Needham Heights: Simon Schuster, 1999. George Lucas: The Creative Impulse. This also creates romance and beauty that appeals to adults. 81, star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Another reason why many people have trouble accepting Star Wars, as a true fairy tale is its format of being a movie. For example, the little Ewoks in Return of the Jedi managed to overpower the Imperial forces, in spite of the fact that they used wooden objects against gigantic Imperial Storm Walkers.

A Day in the Life of This Woman, That day i would never be the same,

The dark black suit that represents hatred and evil. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. 20th Century Fox/ Lucas. Today, they learn from examples set by television and movie characters in the same way that the children of the past learned their moral lessons from characters in books. Even adults can grasp onto this great myth.

However, because these storytellers lived in a past age, it has become difficult for us to believe that true fairy tales can be written so close to our own lifetimes. Works Cited, champlin, Charles.

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