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The Love Song of Prufrock

the Love Song of Prufrock

perfection, the way a slightly off feature on a beautiful face makes it even more beautiful. The poem consists of the musings of Prufrock, a weary middle-aged man haunted by the feeling that he has lost both youth and happiness: I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. One of the reasons Im convinced of its sublimity is that Im really not keen on poetry, and in fact dont care for anything else Eliot ever wrote. A damned soul, as so often in his later poems, Eliot starts with an epigraph, here an extended"tion from Dante's. This fear produces a diffidence, a coyness in Prufrock: 'squeezed the universe into a ball' is an echo. Interestingly, a much later attempt to create a new language William Gibson's manifesto/novel for cyberpunk, Neuromancer imitates Eliot in this: 'The sky above the port was the color of television tuned, to a dead channel'. Further, at around the same time that 'Prufrock' was published in the journal. Eliot feared just such a fate and in 'Prufrock' he depicts it, a man wandering from social engagement to social engagement, never quite prepared to talk of his spiritual death or to risk sexual rejection by women who might say: 'That is not. A fragmentary cityscape, technically, Prufrock is a free-flowing rhapsodic poem whose metre varies but whose essential pulse is iambic pentameters.

Eliot's, the Waste Land. It is impossible to say just what I mean! Poetry, he entered into his doomed marriage with Vivienne, a woman of kinda Like Huck whom his parents disapproved even before meeting her. I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.' Yet some of the most memorable lines deliberate interruptions of the flow of Prufrock's thought are completely outside the main flow of rhyme, while having internal rhymes of their own: 'I should have been. Eliot's parents hoped that he would return to the USA, perhaps to a respectable career as a university teacher; they were not at all keen on the idea of his becoming a poet and threatened to limit his access to family money. But better to take risks than to be Prufrock. Four Quartets, eliot was to come back to the question of the path not taken, the choice of how to live one's life. But this particular poem encompasses, encapsulates, the entirety of human existence, in a way no other type of writing could. Like Mallarms half-awake faun, Prufrock inhabits a fractured cityscape that reflects not only his own lack of certainty and purpose, but by extension that of the entire modern world.

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