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Death Penalty is Not the Solution

death Penalty is Not the Solution

a free slavery in 19th century pass. I absolutely agree with the part where you indicated that consistency is needed. Answer: The death penalty is a logical option to life imprisonment for individuals that cannot or will not be integrated into society to the extent that they will murder other individuals for their goods or as entertainment. The cost of keeping people in prison is very high (it is generally around 50,000 a year, believe it or not, although this does vary by jurisdiction) and once someone is executed, you can stop spending money on that person. Since it is usually committed by a person with Sociopathic Personality Disorder, the theory is total nonsense. A number of exonerees in Texas took an average of 9 years to prove their innocence. The men who took part in the survey thought that they had a right to womens sexual services automatically. Viii: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." Any penalty deemed to be violative of Amendment viii, that is "cruel and unusual punishment" cannot be imposed. A report on GMA News said that he wants to revive the death penalty for heinous crimes including robbery with rape. These appeals are essential because some inmates have come within hours of execution before evidence was uncovered proving their innocence. Trial:Death penalty trials can last over four times longer, requiring juror and attorney compensation, in addition to court personnel and other related costs.

I honestly think that if you raped or killed someone, the death penalty wouldn't be too harsh. The prosecution need to have evidence. The woman died from her injuries two weeks later in a Singapore hospital. Once they sign the dotted line, that's. No, they would not be paid more. What are the reasons behind such a high prevalence of rape? Since 1976, 1243 people have been executed. But in South Africa only a small minority of violent criminals are actually caught, convicted and punished for their crimes. Instead of clamouring for the return of state-sanctioned killing, citizens should demand that the state speed up the eradication of inequality and improve the manner in which crime is investigated and prosecuted.

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