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How Nixon caused the Watergate Scandal

how Nixon caused the Watergate Scandal

Watergate Hotel. Nixon and Elliot Richardson, the new attorney general, approved the creation of a special prosecutor's office, headed by Archibald Cox of the Harvard Law School. Vice President Gerald.

On March 1, 1974, a grand jury had indicted seven former White House aides Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, leading aid Charles Colson, Gordon. Finally, it was the solicitor general, Robert Bork, who fired Cox. It was dangerous for his identity to be known, so he was called Deep Throat. "It was not I and it is not I Felt told Washingtonian magazine in 1974.

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Watergate Videos br / Watergate Scandal br / A shorter video about the Watergate Scandal br / Nixons infamous line Im not a Crook wildlife Biology br /. Vice President Gerald Ford took office and a month later pardoned Nixon for the crimes he may have committed. Judge Sirica directed Nixon to let him hear the tapes. 9 Later analysis by acoustics firm Bolt, Baranek and Newman concluded that the gap was the result of at least five separate erasures; since the tape recorder had a two-button interlock to prevent accidental erasure, the conclusion was that it must have been a deliberate. Washington Post reporters, carl Bernstein and, bob Woodward playing particularly critical roles. Mark Felt and his family have revealed that he was Deep Thr). 6 She was asked to listen to the tapes, gaining an unprecedented insight into a high government officials daily communication. Almost immediately, a cover-up was undertaken by persons associated with the president and his campaign. 2 Deep Throat Mark Felt ( ) studied at the University of Idaho and the George Washington University Law School; he joined the FBI in 1942. Walter Cronkite, a legendary CBS News Anchor, released two lengthy stories about Watergate and helped show Americans the truth. br / June 19, 1972: A GOP security aide is among the Watergate burglars, The Washington Post reports. President a second time.

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