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Causes of the Mexican War

causes of the Mexican War

and then returning. Although the new country had established democratic form of government, most of the former class differences among its citizens still remained. This revolution was because Texas, being a part of Mexico at this time, was not happy about the Mexican government. The presidential campaign of 1848 saw the first strong electoral challenge to the expansion of slavery in the United States; most historians consider). President Polk clearly wanted to expand the country to the Pacific Ocean by taking control of California and lands in the Southwest a prime example of the prevailing.

Causes of the Mexican War, the Mexican War lasted from in the area now known as Texas. These new nations had were unfamiliar with solving their disputes without war.

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United States bordered Mexico after the Louisiana Purchase. The vIDEO GAME DEVELOPER North knew that Texas would enter as a slave state. New York: Harper and Row Publishers, Inc., 1974. Compromise of 1850, the Wilmot Proviso benefited Northerners, angered Southerns. Slidell returned to the United States and Mexico started building an army. Thornton Affair War, in March 1846, Taylor received orders from Polk to move south into the disputed territory and establish a position along the Rio Grande. Mexico had announced more than once that entry of Texas into the Union was in and of itself to be regarded as equivalent to a declaration of war Henry. Effects of the Mexican - American War. The Mexican government, however, refused to honor Santa Annas agreement, stating that he was not authorized to make such a deal and that it still considered Texas a province in rebellion. New York: Fredrick Ungar Publishing.

On May 11, 1846, Polk, citing the Thornton Affair asked Congress to declare war on Mexico. Mexico argued that the river stipulated in the documents was the Nueces which was located approximately 150 miles further north. Regardless of its status (was it an American state or a rebellious Mexican province? Congress made Texas a state of America in December 1845. Some believed Mexico deserved chastisement for not honoring valid American claims, rejecting John Slidell, and for the mistreating of Americans living in Texas. The Republic of Texas stated that border was situated at the Rio Grande as set forth by the Treaties of Velasco which had ended the Texas Revolution. Furthermore, Texas would most likely join the United States as a slave state.

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