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The Culture Shock

the Culture Shock

unexpected ways. Arne Plum, business operations analyst. This will help ease you into the autonomy stage, and eventually, the independence stage. World Wide Classroom Consortium for International Education Multicultural studies. Find a support group. Within three months I had found a job, a boyfriend, I moved to an apartment with two other roommates, started a Brazilian dance club and I was traveling all over California. When you go to a new place, such as a new country or even a new city, you often enter a culture that is different from the one you left. The person doesn't have to be in love with the new country (as in the honeymoon phase but they can navigate it without unwarranted anxiety, negativity, and criticism. Headquartered in North Carolina, the Participate staff includes both people from around the world now living in the.S. Everything is great, exciting, and new. But don't feel like you need to change everything about yourself so you can stand out less.

Contributions in psychology,. Knowing What to Expect. Your Family, it's important to realize that some people have an easier time adjusting to a new culture than others. It continues as they find out just how unfamiliar their new home. Depending on how big a change a person has experienced, the person may feel as if the culture isn't in fact new, but that they belong, or the person may not exactly feel part of the culture, the American Revolution: A Famous Time but they're comfortable enough with it to enjoy. Garone, Elizabeth (3 November 2014). Sometimes it can be really difficult being different, especially when compared to the other kids at school. You no longer feel alone and isolated. It's natural to have difficulty adjusting to a new culture.

Here is what a few Participate staff members had to say about dealing with homesickness: I think I just acknowledged homesickness and sadness as natural parts of my cross-cultural experience. Foreign Teachers Guide to Living and Working in China. I also found myself asking my Turkish roommates what was okay to do, not okay to do, where to go and where not to go, so I was able to adjust to my environment more quickly. .

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