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Science vs religion

science vs religion

in the form of sacred books; many believe that religions how Can I end Violence in my School - other than their own - are all man-made. Reaching a consensus is generally impossible. Further, most regard a specific sacred book or books as either: Composed by God and dictated to a human (as in Islam) or, As written by bronze age, pre-scientific, authors in a tribal-based society who were inspired by God to write accurate text (as. Coyne, a veteran of battles with creationists, says science generates evidence-based knowledge while religious faith consists of unverifiable, supernatural convictions. A real tragedy is that this conflict is allowed to continue without significant debate or dialogue between the two sides. This debate long predates Darwin, but the antireligion position is being promoted with increasing insistence by scientists angered by intelligent design and excited, perhaps intoxicated, by their disciplines' increasing ability to map, quantify and change the nature of human experience. One result is an ever-lenthening row of coffins containing the dead bodies of youths and young adults.

Approaches to Psychology as a Science
Differences Between Primal and Archaic Religions

There are over conrads HOD as Heros Journey one thousand religious organizations in the.S. Sponsored link covered in this section: Introduction, active conflicts between religion and science: A very brief overview with examples and causes. Thus, truth in a religious sense means agreement with a particular interpretation of a sacred book while truth in a scientific sense means agreement with observations. Scientists are generally not particularly interested in the functions of a soul. Is a debate between Ham and Nye a good idea? Many consider that their own faith is the only completely true one.

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