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Female Juvenile Causation of Crime

female Juvenile Causation of Crime

law-breaking among women. Many things run in families from illnesses, show more content, many years of research have gone into studying why youth turns to gang involvement. These explanations do not explain crime situation in India in spite of the fact that in our country too there is a Women's Liberation Movement. Biological theories can be classified into three types: (1) those that attempt to differentiate among individuals on the basis of certain innate (i.e., those with which you are born) outward physical traits or characteristics; (2) those that attempt to trace the source of differences. PostWorld War II Research on Biology and Behavior. Routine activities, basic principle lifestyle determines whether or not you will commit crime or become victimized. Why do people become criminals? Many a time, they steal to 'stretch their budgets'. Thomas, Kingsley Davis, and Otto Pollak. According to Klein, the shared assumptions running through the works of all these persons include the proposition that female crime is the result of physiological or psychological characteristics of individuals, with little or no recognition being given to the importance of social-structural factors. If punishment is or perceived to be, swift, certain and severe. Are easily hidden by them.

The ecological/ social disorganization studies generally found that zones of transition between residential and industrial neighborhoods consistently had the highest rates of crime and delinquency Labeling theory Focus shifts from the criminal/ deviant act deviance to what happens after being caught labeling theory getting caught. Sheldon studied prisoners and decided to examine their body shapes. Theories such as the choice theory, integrated theory, latent trait theory, among others allow the criminal justice system to categorize criminals.

Thus, normal women exhibit 'normal' feminine traits but criminal women exhibit perversion of or rebellion against the biologically natural female role. This is because families give females their view of the world and odds are human Relationships with the Natural World that they will end up in one way or another like the people who raised them. This fact of the victim being usually a kin or a close associate of the offender in crimes of murder was also discovered by Bullock (1955: 572) in his study of urban homicides in Texas, by Svalastoga (1956: 40) in his study of 172 Danish. The Scientific Method,. Because there are so many different types of criminals today, it is impossible to place them all under one theory, that is why there a multiple theories. The juvenile commits more crimes than if he or she had never been labeled.

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