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Theme in The Yellow Sweater

theme in The Yellow Sweater

both the rest cure itself, and serves as shorthand for more aggressive treatment. This reading may not seem empowering to current readers of the story, but ending it any other way would have undercut Gilmans critique of the rest cure. This is right before the narrator tries to talk to John about her feelings, only to be dismissed. I really recommend everybody to read. The example of I dont beginning three sentences in a row is one example. However, this is used ironically in the text as the yellow in the story is a smouldering, unclean yellow that represents sickness (649). Along with the room itself, the contents of the narrators room have individual importance.

John: The husband of the narrator and a doctor who is supervising his wifes treatment in the rented house. However, its precisely this normal life that the narrator does not fit in with, but since theres no other choice she is left with suicide or madness as alternatives. Trapped with no hope of even having her humanity respected, the narrator chooses mental destruction as the only path to freedom. But there is something about it that has not aged well. Cousin Henry and Julia, who the narrator expresses an interest in seeing twice, only to be twice denied, are mentioned, though it is not clear who they are related to (presumably the narrator). There are miscellaneous family members peppered throughout the story as well.

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