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External influences on human resource planning

external influences on human resource planning

HRM professionals, like Marcy, to hire new employees competent in the new technologies. They have to anticipate important and crucial changes in advance and initiate proactive steps immediately. Economic Conditions, one of the biggest external influences is the shape of the current economy. One way to remember these factors is to link it to the word step: S for 'social and cultural t for 'technological'. So next time you talk to someone involved in the human resource management process think twice about the amount of factors that affect their job and how important it is for them to be on top of their game. In the days ahead, the risk and hazardous jobs as well as repetitive jobs would be handed over to the robots. Get free access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account. Culture creates different types of people who become members of an organisation. External Factors janies Journey in Their Eyes Were Watching God Defined, meet Marcy. Workmen Compensation Act, 1923 vii. Strong work ethics ensure motivated employees and the reverse is true in case of weak work ethics.

4 External Factors that Affect Human Resource Management

external influences on human resource planning

Each and every employee in the company must contribute towards achieving the quality of goods. The cultural and social environment includes such things as work ethic, attitude towards work and employee motivations. People, with high achievement needs, tend to seek high degree of personal responsibility, set realistic goals, take moderate risks and use performance feedback in satisfying their need to achieve. This structure tries to control the organisation by influencing the managerial decision making. Employees are hired and maintained so long as they are useful to the organisation. In many emerging industries, the positions that have been filled up with workers possessing superior technical skills and knowledge, have tilted the power base from management to technical workers. Moreover, there will be growing demand for workers with more sophisticated training and skills especially in sectors like telecommunications, biotechnology etc.

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