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Review of Bleachers

review of Bleachers

discussed his guiding principle as a collaborator: If I ever work with someone else, all that I think about is: Do you want to make the best album youve ever made in your life, or not? There are no barefoot hillbillies here. By the end of that year, hed be better known for accompanying one of the worlds biggest pop stars on her biggest album yet. Forgoing his usual focus on chills, thrills and courtroom drama, Grisham turns his writer's eye on the world of Southern high school football and uses a small-town microcosm to tackle some big questions: Is it better to forget your past or to face life's questionable. Regardless of what people think.

Jamie Milton Jun 6, 2017 4:15. Bleac hers backstage at Gov Ball 2017 Credit: Jenn Five. Jack Antonoff s stately sophomore effort as Bleachers has all t he affectations of an over-the-top pop masterpiece, with some soaring anthems.

In so far as there is one, the hero of Bleachers is an ex-coach called Eddie Rake, a legend in the small town of Messina, whose football team he used to inspire to spectacular success. Loss is still a big subject he deals with, but here its integrated in a more multi-dimensional way, exploring not just the sorrow and bereft feeling that follows, but also how those experiences shape you as a person.

Its pre-chorus depicts a flaming row, but the chorus itself is what keeps the couple caught up in it together. Using his considerable skills as a dramatist, he slyly weaves a compelling mystery that pulls the reader into his tale just what did happen at that final game? This is likely not the most memorable work Antonoff has to offer this year (or even this month for that matter, with Lorde s highly anticipated Melodrama, which Antonoff co-wrote and co-produced, due in two weeks). Hes worked as a producer and songwriter on music beloved on a wide scale (Sara Bareilles Brave, Zayn and, taylor s, i Dont Wanna Live Forever ) and more cultishly appreciated (. No Mafia, no dodgy juries, and not a struggling young attorney fighting against the system in sight. Hes somehow touring the bedroom where it was conceived as a moving, living art installation: an act of hubris so indulgent even. You cant have highs without also having lows, after all. At one point, when he has to deal with a protracted account of the key game in the book - the championship game, the one that features a secret fracas in the dressing-room and Neely Crenshaw leading the Spartans to an amazing second-half comeback while. Antonoff clearly believes that. Somewhere even further down his resume, theres a place for Gone Now. Tegan and Sara s How Come You Dont Want Me, Grimes, entropy)but you know his work when you hear. Strange Desire was called, i Wanna Get Better : While its title was a response to hitting rock bottom, its a sentiment that also applies to the heights of his success.

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