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Edward Albees, The Zoo Story

edward Albees, The Zoo Story

begins what turns out to be a long exchange with Peter, who politely acknowledges this total stranger but hopes soon to return to his book. 32 The simple way in which Jerry talks to Peter is reminiscent of the Gospels, which are also written in colloquial diction. Kernbergs evaluation of Jerry having a borderline personality that lies somewhere between neurosis and psychosis. While Jerry dies alone on the bench. M, (December 31, 1969). Kolin states that Albee uses techniques and ideas from the absurdist plays of European playwrights such as Beckett, Genet, and Ionesco. The Zoo Story had its premiere in Berlin, Germany, on September 28, 1959.

The Zoo Story, written first, received production first but not in the United States, where one might reasonably expect an American writer to get his first attention. Well, through her it got to Berlin, and to production. At Home at the Zoo (Zoo Story). The Zoo Story, in The Collected Plays of Edward Albee. The play features two men, Jerry and Peter. Exclaims Jerry, a man in his late thirties who is carelessly dressed but not poorly, to Peter, who is at this particular moment sitting alone on a bench in Central Park in New York City, reading a book. As Debusscher states, the complacency that accompanies Peter in the beginning of the play, even through his continued discussion with Jerry, remains at the end.

28 However, a less tragic interpretation of the action is that Jerry is seen to represent the Existential hero because he makes his own decisions and ultimately choses when and where he is going to die. 14 The play ends with Peter grabbing his book and rushing offstage screaming, Oh my god! Zoo Story (Part 1). Realizing that he is dying, Jerry thanks Peter: I came unto you and you have comforted. 7, jerry explains his plan to Peter: Firstkill the dog with kindness, and if that doesnt work just kill him. According to the publishing firm Samuel French, The Zoo Story may be performed independently.

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