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The Burmese Perspective

the Burmese Perspective

former UN secretary-general. The Burmese leader repeatedly appealed to the international community to work with the Burmese to find a solution. "The feeling that Islam is especially pernicious. Kofi Anan Commission report as being one sided. Ironically, as Suu Kyi's status as a champion of human rights in the West is sullied by her handling of the crisis, the criticism being leveled at her appears to be enhancing her status as a moral hero at home. On this issue she has majority social Injustices Essay support within the country and is channeling the nationalist majority opinion of her countrymen in a positive fashion. Some 90 of Myanmar's population is Buddhist but the notion that Islam threatens Buddhism is prevalent, according to a new report from the International Crisis Group, which says the idea often appears in mass publications and popular religious materials. With little sympathy for the Rohingya among her supporters, there's little incentive for Suu Kyi to condemn the generals' actions against the Rohingya in the way the international community wants. But Mitchell said he found reasons for optimism in Suu Kyis remarks this week.

It is such a shame for us that the land we inherited from our former generations will be lost in our time. Myanmar is home to other Muslim communities and they have had their mosques attacked and schools closed down, according to the ICG report, which warns of potential communal violence across the country. To me thats an opportunity. The army can implement a legal coup as their whims may dictate or their fancies may please.

In the same way, yesterday Aung San Suu Kyi pointed out that more than half of the. The people seem wary over accepting peace if it might come with ulterior motivesit may be that other countries pressured them into pursuing peace, or it may be some other reason. . They all wanted to hear what Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi had to say about an issue that has brought their country into the eye of an unprecedented storm of criticism: Violence in the country's Rakhine State that has led. For example, they can expand and build military camps deeper into the front lines where they couldnt before. . Rohingya jihadists led by arsa (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) are endeavouring to find a place in Southeast Asia. Karen State is a beautiful place. It is about time the debate about Rohingya is more balanced even though sometimes realpolitik and buck-passing is not the easiest thing. Soon after the Myanmar Junta took power and implemented its xenophobic policy of ethnic cleansing of not only the Rohingya but all the ethnic nationalities. The Rakhines themselves are an ethnic minority in Burma, though they are predominantly Buddhist, and so share the same faith as nearly 88 percent of the rest of the country. This is a large concern among the Karen people, and Saw Rai says its a source of stress for many of them. .

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