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The Birthmark: Analysis

the Birthmark: Analysis

Summary of 'The Birthmark when the story starts, we learn that reader Writer profile it's about two young newlyweds: Aylmer and Georgiana. When learn, for example, that Aylmer perceives of the birthmark as "the symbol of his wife's liability. However, his pride blinds him to the fact that his own experiments with the birthmark might have moral implications, as well.

Aylmer says this was the result of overstimulation. When it starts fading, he feels he has for once met his goal, but the narrator implies that the marks disappearance also takes something beautiful away from Georgianas face. He compares his joy at removing the birthmark to that of Pygmalion when the woman he sculpted and fell in love with came to life.

The Birthmark Analysis, shmoop

the Birthmark: Analysis

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Retrieved August 9, 2018. She is fascinated by the sight of all the machines and instruments that her husband uses for his experiments, although they make the room far less pleasant than the one where shes been staying. Obsession : The Romantic authors thought strong emotions were important; however, Hawthorne shows that when love becomes an obsession, it is dangerous, even deadly. Aylmer does not allow sunlight into his laboratory because it would ruin his experiments, so he instead uses chemical lamps to light the room. In modern times that's a word the Major Problems Facing the World Today we use to describe someone loving and thoughtful. Active Themes, aylmer feels bad about the dream, but sometimes sleep brings to the surface feelings that people dont want to acknowledge theyre experiencing when theyre awake. Conclusion, georgiana is dead, and Aylmer is revealed to be a total fool.

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