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The Symptoms of Cholera

the Symptoms of Cholera

and are the result of a toxin produced by the vibrio cholerae bacterium that compels profuse amounts of fluid from the blood supply into. Handwashing is important to prevent the spread of disease. It is caused by poor hygiene and sanitation systems (World Health Organization, 2008). Left untreated, however, cholera can kill quickly following the onset of symptoms. Water purification: All water used for drinking, washing, or cooking should corrosion Audit at IIT Campus be sterilized by either boiling, chlorination, ozone water treatment, ultra-violet light sterilization, or anti-microbal filtration in any area where cholera may be present. The German bacteriologist, Robert Koch (1843-1910 studied the disease during an epidemic in Egypt. WHO, safe water essential to prevent cholera. 3.2 Cholera Awareness Program Table 1 shows Cholera Awareness and Prevention Program used with a school community at a school located in Kajiado District of Kenya.

Due to severe dehydration, fatality rates are high when untreated, especially among children and infants. Any infected water and any foods washed in the water, as well as shellfish living in the affected waterway, can cause an infection. We understand that a person may get cholera by drinking water or eating food contaminated with the cholera bacterium.

The infection is often mild or without symptoms, but sometimes can be severe. It therefore starts conserving energy and nutrients by changing the mix of proteins that they manufacture in response to the changed chemical surroundings. Not everyone what Soccer Did For Me who gets vaccinated will be fully protected; therefore, precautions to avoid contaminated food or water should be taken. Personal hygiene: pay attention to personal hygiene. . The disease is transmitted through water borne and food borne transmission. Cholera is more common where there is overcrowding and poor sanitation. However, a general program has various other parts including the causes, symptoms and even treatment for those affected. The kits and modules can each be ordered separately. They then start up production of the hollow cylindrical protein flagellin to make flagella, the curly whip-like tails that they rotate to propel themselves through the mucus of the small intestine. Global efforts to control cholera worldwide are entering a new phase following the development of safe and effective oral cholera vaccines (OCV).These new tools have opened up the possibility of preventing outbreaks in high risk areas.

An untreated cholera patient may produce several gallons of diarrhoeal fluid a day (Diamond, 1999). The poverty map of the world is the same as the cholera map, says Dominique Legros, a cholera expert at WHO.

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