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The Role Of Women In

the Role Of Women In

the contribution of a woman is everywhere from taking birth and giving birth to a child to the care for whole life and other areas. The role of women in public life, particularly their place in political decision-making, remains a Government priority. The ancient time trends such as female foeticide, dowry deaths, early child marriage, domestic abuse, child labour, sexual harassment, etc have been banned by the government which has really improved the women status in the society. Some women from the society of high living status are keen to get employed like men in the future because they have been lived in the society having higher level of thoughts like that. Women comprise 54 percent of contemporary Russian society. Thus, the main goals are protection of women's rights and elimination of discrimination in society; widening women's participation in policy decision-making processes on the local, regional and national levels; support for cooperation between women's organizations on the national and international arenas; widening access to international. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, at home, they bring up children with love and affection and manage household activities. Women in modern Indian society are really forward if we compare them from the ancient time but if we talk about the women empowerment, we can say that not really women are empowered in all areas. It was a sin for women to give birth to a girl baby, either they were killed, buried alive or thrown away by the male head of the family. All processes have underlined the need to further strengthen the role of women in society.

A Parole in Criminal Justice,

Recent world conferences had emphasized equality between women and men and the role of women in development. If we compare the current status of women than the ancient time, we can say that really the condition is improving gradually. This strengthens the stereotype of "male superiority" and hinders the creation of true partnerships between men and women. She has to take care of herself and family members as daughter, granddaughter, sister, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. Without woman nothing is possible for men, they are basic unit of the society, they make a family, family make a home, home make a society and ultimately societies make a country. Free economic relations and democratization of all spheres of life create the basis for eventual equal social rights for any human being regardless of sex, for both men and women. The World Conference must accord special importance to policy problems and to options for strengthening the role of women in development in the least developed countries. In 2001 the research institute concluded a study into the role of women in aquaculture.

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