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The Works of Franz Schubert

the Works of Franz Schubert

a circle, often centred on A, B flat and. C minor 1809 or earlier v pf 1969 for bass and piano; fragment without text.001B Fantasy G major 1810 or 1811 pf4h 2007 fragment.001C Sonata F major 1810 or 1811 pf4h 2007 fragment of the first movement is extant.002A 996 Overture. Clearly, the primary stimulus was melodic. Mch Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis 1823.983c.017/4 Die Nacht Wie schön bist du 1822? The autumn of 1822 saw the beginning of yet another unfinished compositionnot, this time, destined to obscurity: the Symphony in B Minor ( Unfinished which speaks from Schuberts heart. In the spring of 1816 Schubert applied for the post of music director in a college at Laibach (now Ljubljana, Slovenia) but was unsuccessful. Vv ch orch Johann Mayrhofer 1888 comic singspiele in 2 acts.327 Lorma Lorma sass in der Halle von Aldo A minor 1815 v pf Edmund von Harold, after James Macpherson Ossian 1928 fragment.328 Erlkönig Wer reitet so spät G minor 1815. In November of the same year Schubert composed a piano fantasia in which the variations are on a theme from his song Der Wanderer and completed the Mass in A-flat Major. 2vn va vc 1871.094a Piece B major 1814? V pf Friedrich Rückert 1826.778 Greisengesang Der Frost hat mir bereifet B minor 1823 v pf Friedrich Rückert 1982 1st version.778.060/1 Greisengesang Der Frost hat mir bereifet B minor 1823 v pf Friedrich Rückert 1826 2nd version.778a Die Wallfahrt Meine Tränen.

Born on January 31, 1797, in Himmelpfortgrund, Austria, Franz, peter, schubert demonstrated an early gift for music.
Franz Schubert : Franz Schubert, Austrian composer who bridged the worlds of Classical and Romantic music, noted for the melody and harmony of his works.
Find, franz Schubert biography and history on, allMusic.

Only.069 Dreifach ist der Schritt der Zeit 1813 3vv Friedrich Schiller 1892.070 Dreifach ist der Schritt der Zeit Ewig still steht die Vergangenheit 1813 mch Friedrich Schiller 1928.071 Die zwei Tugendwege Zwei sind der Wege 1813 mch Friedrich Schiller 1892.071a Alleluja. At this time Schuberts outward life was uneventful. Key the principal key of the work. Please consult the manual of style for creating composer work lists. Pf 1897 see also.610.601 Overture B major 1816? In the meantime his reputation was growing, however, and the first public performance of one of his works, the Italian Overture in C Major, took place on March 1, 1818, in Vienna. Jeder sei nun froh 1815 mch pf 1872.268 Bergknappenlied Hinab, ihr Brüder 1815 mch pf 1872.269 Das Leben Das Leben ist ein Traum 1815 mch pf Johann Christoph Wannovius 1st version.269 Das Leben Das Leben ist ein Traum 1815 fch pf Johann. Mch pf Friedrich von Mathisson 1823.423 Andenken Ich denke dein, wenn durch den Hain 1816 mch Friedrich von Mathisson 1927.424 Erinnerungen Am Seegestad 1816 mch Friedrich von Mathisson 1927.425 Lebensbild 1816 mch lost.426 Trinklied Herr Bacchus ist ein braver Mann 1816. Pf4h 1827.600 Minuet C minor 1814? See.77 (2nd version).111a String Trio B major 1814 vn va vc lost fragment; possibly intended for.112.112.168 String Quartet.8 B major 1814 2vn va vc 1863.113 An Emma Weit in nebelgrauer ferne F major 1814 v pf Friedrich Schiller. V pf Ludwig Christoph Heinrich Hölty lost 2nd version.431 Blumenlied Es ist ein halbes Himmelreich E major 1816 v pf Ludwig Christoph Heinrich Hölty 1887.432 Der Leidende Nimmer trag' ich langer B minor 1816 v pf 1850 1st version.432 Der Leidende Nimmer. C major 1816 v pf Friedrich von Mathisson 1895.414 Geist der Liebe Der Abend schleiert Flur und Hain G major 1816 v pf Friedrich von Mathisson 1895.415 Klage Die Sonne steigt C major 1816 v pf Friedrich von Mathisson 1895.416 Lied.

Franz, peter, schubert was among the first of the.
Schubert s Greatest Works Its hard to believe there was a time when this mighty artist was considered a sentimental parlour entertainer, when his music contains such extremes of pain and joy.
Heir to Mozart, Schubert was an inspiration to Schumann and Bruckner, and his song-cycles take us on sophisticated journeys into the psyche, while his instrumental music is both radical and visionary.
But it isn t just the quantity that s remarkable: Schubert consistently, and frequently, wrote songs of such beauty and quality that composers such as Schumann, Wolf and Brahms all credited him with reinventing, invigorating and bringing greater seriousness to a previously dilletante musical form.

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