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Flag Burning A Crime Against America

flag Burning A Crime Against America

Southern English, Scots, Welsh, etc, but it is nothing like the difference between, say, southern Mississipi the Bronx. I think it's more a case of being able to tolerate each other, and finding ways to keep our distance (part of what racial seperationism is all about) is what has meant that we get along. But certainly the Norman invasion, which paved the way for the end of feudalism and started a whole new, very organised, system of government was very important. Forty-eight states passed laws banning flag desecration to respond to this perceived threat. The Supreme Court struck down flag desecration laws in 48 states in its 5-4. It has consistently passed the House but failed in the Senate since the Republican congressional takeover of 1994. It first became an issue in the.S. The fact that it established the monarchy as we know it today, suggests to me, maybe it did. I dunno I disagree.

I realize this opinion will be controversial, and I realize that I am setting myself up for threats and personal attacks. But the right for people to express how much a symbol means to them does not override the right of others to express their disdain for that symbol. Good ideas can stand up to criticism on their own. People may not hold their car brands as highly as their countrys symbol or their religion, but a symbol is a symbol, regardless of how much it means to someone. I mean, who exactly was revolting? The Federal Flag Desecration Law (1968). It is far more homogenous and so its identitiy is stronger. Contempt was taken to mean publicly burning it, trampling on it, spitting on it or otherwise showing a lack of respect for.

Most states revised their flag desecration laws in the late 1970s and early 1980s to meet the standards set. Or ban burning a brand t-shirt by a particular car company just because it might offend the CEO or employees of that company? The overriding principle of British life is tolerance, if not perhaps acceptance, and this is a good thing because acceptance needs a value judgement where tolerance does not, and then things can get tricky.

M, (December 31, 1969). He was full of the symbolism of Lincoln and Gandhi, and the cadences of the Bible. 15 The March on Washington..
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